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Why Leader

Thanks to the quality of materials used, the accuracy of the machining and the tests carried out, ALFA Valves possesses the Characteristics necessary to qualify the copany to be accepted in the vendors list of major companiers even in the most severre and accredited sectorssuch as Off-Shore and Nuclear Power.

The company certifies the quality and reliability of the product supplied.


2015-07-23 Summer 2015 Our Offices will be closed from 10th August until 31st August 2015. The activities will restart Tuesday 01st September 2015

2015-06-11 Alfa Valvole S.r.l. joins IDEX Corporation

2015-05-11 Alfa Valvole S.r.l. supports Ivana Di Martino's project's "Rexist Run - Ultramarathon Record" Ivana Di Martino, an amateur runner but especially women, mother and wife, is preparing to start a new record: "Rexist Run - Ultramarathon Record", a run of 700 km in 8 days, crossing Italy from West to East